WordPress plugin “ID in Slug”

Let us introduce our new plugin Yarri’s “ID in Slug”!

It was created for adding the ID of a post in its slug.

Wordpress - How to put ID in slug of a post

WordPress – How to put ID in slug of a post

What is the slug? Slug – it is the part of the permalink of a post which relates directly for the post. For example – in a link


the slug is the last part – some-post. So getting back to the plugin – it allows you to have not just some-post but 123-some-post or some-post-123.

You can choose a separator (some symbol or symbols between the slug and the ID) and a position of the ID (before or after the slug). That’s all!

Do you need it? Of course – e.g. if you have a bulletin board, So you will have




etc. instead of




And your users could see the unique numbers of their ads instead of the useless WP postfix.

We hope you will find it useful.

The plugin can be dowloaded from the WordPress repository.

In the next version of the plugin we will add the ability to choose posts of what types should have the ID in the slug.

If you want to support our work – you can do it on the Donation page. Any amount will be appreciated.

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